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Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Using a professional carpet cleaning company isn’t like using a home carpet cleaning unit that you can buy from a hardware store or hire from a local shop. It’s much more specialised cleaning, carried out by professional, qualified, and experienced carpet cleaning technicians. We use the latest technology in steam and hot water cleaning that will lift and extract dirt and bacteria from the depths of your carpet. This means your carpets are left hygienic and sanitised – so it’s safe and clean for you and your family. See our article on the benefits of a clean carpet for more info.

Because we use specialised equipment, there is preparation work that you need to do before

our technician arrives. This will ensure your carpets get the best possible clean. A standard carpet clean will clean most household carpets, leaving the area hygienic and sanitised. Your carpet may need additional specialised carpet cleaning treatment if the area has experience heavy foot traffic, there are stains or visible dirt/marks, is smelly, or if there has been any biofluids e.g. animal or human vomit, urine, faces, etc. on the area.

You need to tell our office about this when you book your carpet cleaning so we can make sure your carpet cleaning technician knows what is needed and there is enough time to carry out the work. So we can keep our people safe while they are doing their work, we also need to know if your property has more than 2-3 steps that your technician will need to be navigated with equipment.

When preparing your home, you need to vacuum the area that needs to be cleaned (i.e.

carpet, rug, upholstery) before your technician arrives. Our carpet cleaning machine heads are very fine and are not designed to vacuum surfaces. They are designed to push steam or hot water into the fibers of your carpet or upholstery, then extract dirty water. While you’re vacuuming, take time to remove anything that may catch in our machines such as hairclips, paper clips, staples, etc.

You will also need to move personal items from the floor such as bags, shoes, clothes,

children’s toys, pet beds, etc. If you want our technician to clean under any lightweight furniture such as bed side tables or small coffee tables, move these to a hard-floored area that is out of the way.

We don’t usually clean under heavy furniture such as dining room tables, beds, or cabinets so you won’t need to move these. If you have moved furniture, it’s important that you don’t move it back to the original location until the carpet is completely dry; there is a risk that you may damage your belongings or carpet e.g. wood stain may leach from wooden furniture onto the carpet.

Because we use steam or hot water carpet cleaning techniques, we don’t clean near any electrical items (e.g. TV, computers, or electrical leads) for obvious safety reasons.

Lastly, if you have pets or animals at your property please make sure you tell our office. Animals must be secured in a safe area while your carpet cleaning technician is there. Having followed the steps outlines above your property is now ready for an effective and efficient carpet clean. If you have any questions or are unsure of anything, please give us a call and our friendly team will be happy to help out. If you haven't booked your carpet clean yet, make an appointment today and benefit from hygienic and sanitised carpets for you and and your family.

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